SpeakersRyan Dawson & Elias De Mediros

If you are applying DDD into a Microservices implementation this presentation is going to give you some extra tools to help to close the gap between your Domain Experts and your developers. By introducing some business level abstractions you can keep your architecture clean while you enable your Domain Experts express different requirements using different kind of Models. These models that can be tested, automated, monitored and deployed in a cloud native way. This session will cover technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes and Spring Cloud. 

SpeakerMartijn Verburg

Java 9 comes with a new modularity system (Jigsaw), restrictions on the use of internal libraries such as sun.misc.Unsafe, a new REPL (JShell), a change of the default garbage collector to G1, and much more. All of this combined means that Java 9 is potentially the most groundbreaking release since Java 5 introduced generics. In this session, the Diabolical Developer presents a pragmatic guide to migrating your apps to Java 9 and how to avoid the common pitfalls. He covers how to still gain access to those restricted internal libraries, how to deal with the performance impact of moving to G1, how to split your app to use both the classpath approach and the new modularization approach, and more. Leave this session with the confidence to move to Java 9!

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