ARE YOUR PASSWORDS SECURE? New Methods Increase (HashiCorp Vault /Spring Vault) Security

Speaker: Walid El Sayed Aly

The security of passwords and the handling of them are core elements of any IT structure. Whether we use passwords for databases, application servers or service APIs, their backup and administration is always the linchpin of our privacy.

Do you use Encrypting / Decrypting Algorithm passwords for your applications? Then you may also know that everything encrypted can be decrypted in no time. So safety is on a bit rough ground.

In order to optimize your privacy, you should now switch to more modern methods. An interesting alternative is the ability to centrally manage passwords with HashiCorp Vault. The passwords are thereby "hashed", that is, the data are en- and decrypted, but not stored in these processes. In addition, Spring offers a new module called "Spring Vault". This is an abstraction from HashiCorp, which has client-side password management support.

A brief explanation of the use of these two new technologies will help you understand the benefits.