Checksums that bite Java developers

Speaker: Dmitry Chuyko

"CRC", "polynomial ring over a finite field", "intrinsics". All this is designed to create strong visual images in the head of a Java developer. It turns out that the harmony of BigData can not live without algebra with identity and a good pinch of assembler code. This talk is more about the code.

Many systems that we use "out of the box" are equipped with newly invented wheels, whose tasks can be performed by a standard library. Let's try to predict where you might encounter a checksum. Also let's discuss why you need it, and what to choose. And, of course, what is the performance and bottlenecks in checksum implementations, in particular, on x86 and ARM64.

Here Java 9, 10 and Graal introduce some good optimizations that also begin to be used by other software.