Jakob Jenkov

Jakob Jenkov

Talk: The Grid - Internet 3.0+
Company: Nanosai

Software architect and senior developer with long experience in Java and special focus on data intelligence in distributed systems.

The Grid - Internet 3.0+

Speaker: Jakob Jenkov

The Grid is a vision for the next generation of Internet standards and technologies. The Grid addresses the biggest problems with The Web, both at data, protocol and architecture levels.

The Grid is a byproduct of a startup project launched in January 2015 as a collaboration between Jenkov Aps and Zaiku Group Ltd. The goal of the project was then to create a new backend as a service platform which was more coherent, consistent and focused than what you were getting back then with Google App Engine and AWS.

To create a more coherent platform we realized that we had to reinvent several of the technologies we wanted to offer, and the technologies to support that, including data formats, network protocols and application platform.

During the project we have narrowed our business focus from general SaaS / IaaS to focus on creating a
"Data Intelligence Ecosystem". Most of the underlying ideas and technologies are the same, though.

This presentation is about the vision that is the base for this project, the solutions we have come up with, and the experiences we have made along the way. Focus will be on the parts of the project that are about Internet application architecture, including our solutions to support the new architecture suggestions. Part of these solutions are released as open standards and open source software.