Speaker: Pernille Tranberg

Privacy and the individual’s right to control own data is becoming a competitive advantage. Just as it is being green today, privacy and data ethics is turning into a social and strategic responsibility as it can enhance digital trust. The talk will give an overview of consumer trends when it comes to personal data and describe a range of concrete examples of best practices within data ethics to inspire developers in their work with new products and services. The talk will also zoom in on the new data protection law from the EU, and how it can be used constructively in stead of being regarded as a hindrance to growth and innovation. The talk is based on her latest book (http://dataethics.eu/book/).

Pernille Tranberg is an advisor in data ethics for companies and public institutiones, she’s teaches kids and teens about the data era and digital selfdefense and she’s the co-founder of the think-do-tank Dataethics (http://dataethics.eu).