SpeakerGunnar Morling 

Rich UIs, schemaless datastores, microservices communicating with each other - the need for powerful and easy-to-use data validation services has never been bigger.

The Bean Validation standard is here to help, providing Java developers with a rich validation API based on annotations. Bean Validation 2.0 (JSR 380) makes validation even more powerful and expressive by leveraging Java 8 features such as additional annotation locations, repeatable annotations and default methods. This opens up exciting opportunities for Bean Validation - e.g. List<@Email String>. There is also support for java.util.Optional, the new java.time API, JavaFX and more.

In this code-centric talk we’ll explore many Bean Validation features right in the IDE. You’ll learn how constraint validation is triggered via JAX-RS, JPA and even on the client side via AngularJS. You’ll find out how to adjust the validation system to your own requirements, ensuring your data is sane at all times.