SpeakerMaciek Próchniak

Microservices architecture is one of the most trendy topics in IT these days. Everyone looks at Netflix, LinkedIn or Zalando and tries to be like them. It’s all very good. But at heart of this revolution lie some well known ideas on modularity and decoupling.

And guess what? Idea of modular Java applications is also not new. Even term “microservice” has been in use on JVM since many, many years. However, the main technology for modular Java - OSGi - was always struggling to gain proper attention and we’re still waiting for modules in JDK itself.

In this talk I’d like to explain (and show during quick demo) why you shouldn’t too easily dismiss both OSGi and Java 9 - in many use cases, with little effort they can give you important benefits, without having to spin hundreds of VMs or containers.