SpeakerNiall Deehan

Implementing workflows and rules using Open Source Business logic typically involves a lot of long running interactions which might take days or weeks to complete (you may call this workflow). Or (micro-)services have to collaborate in order to fulfill business goals (you might refer to this as orchestration). Also important decisions have to be made based on rules which are changing very often (you might call this business rules management). We know all these requirements must be addressed! In the past shiny vendors promised "zero-code" suites or magic ESBs where "the business" can implement workflows without any developer involved but of course this is nonsense. Instead, I will demonstrate a "developer-friendly" approach which is about business readable models that are enriched with technical attributes and accompanied by code, executed by lightweight engines. I will give an introduction to BPMN (a standard for process modeling and workflow automation) and DMN (for business rules and decision automation). With real world examples, a fun little hack-session and in-depth discussions I will illustrate the variety of possible architectures (ranging from "old-school 3-tier" to "hyped reactive microservices") and point out benefits for the developer. I will use the open source Camunda platform with code examples available on GitHub.