Presentation: Data Ethics as the New Competitive Advantage

Pernille Tranberg

Founder of DataEthics Consulting/Digital Identity

Pernille Tranberg is an independent advisor in data ethics for companies, authorities and organisations. She speaks on data ethics based on the book DataEthics – The new Competitive Advantage. She also speaks to individuals on how to protect their data and perform digital selfdefense.

In DataEthics Consulting Pernille Tranberg advises companies in handling personal data ethically by developing data ethical strategies or data ethical reviews and communication (see services). DataEthics Consulting is part of her other company Digital Identity. She is often expert source in the press – see this press list (mainly Danish).

She is co-founder of the European thinkdotank and a trustee in the London-based non-profit CitizenTrust. She has developed for the Danish Business Authority to help Danish companies develop privacy policies and respect data protection laws.

She has written 7 books: the latest ‘DataEthics – The new Competitive Advantage’ with Gry Hasselbalch. It was published in Danish in September 2016 and in English in October 2016 with great reviews! Before that she co-authored with Steffan Heuer ‘Fake It’ (2012, Peoples Press) about big data and digital selfdefense. It was published in four languages and was on the bestseller list in both Denmark and Germany and had three editions in German. She is co-author of the leaflet, a guide to teens about protection and optimizing one’s digital idenitty with Marianne Steen – they are supported by Lærerstandens Brandforsikring.

She is an internationally acknowledge speaker and has spoke about digital selfdefense at TEDxOXFORD (see video) in 2012, South By South West in 2013, for the Dutch big bank ING i 2014 og several time for Save The Children network in 2015, eg in Warsaw. In Sept 2016 she spoke about The Data Ethical Company at MyData in Finland (see video). She also spoke about Data Ethics at the World Mobile Congress 2017 (see video).

Former jobs: Tech and investigative report at Politiken (1996-2005), editor-in-chief TÆNK (2005-2009) (Danish small equivalent to ConsumerReport and Stiftungwarentest). Head of editorial development at Berlingske Media (2009-2013), journalistic fellow SDU (2013-2014 – where she wrote about a trustmark for news) og special Consultant in The Danish Business Authority (2014-2015) .

She holds a Master in journalism from Columbia University New York (1995), a BA from the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus (1994), and she is ‘Academy Economist’ from Niels Brocks Handelsakademi (1988).