PresentationBusy Developer's Guide to Building Languages

TedNewardI am, in a nutshell, a big geek, who takes great pride and joy in making other geeks into bigger and better (and hopefully more highly rewarded) geeks. Recently, I have stepped into the management role, looking for ways to leverage my skills as a "force multiplier" across the entire team, so as to better the team (and the organization) as a whole.

I have spent the last fifteen years diving into the technology industry, starting from my first forays into C++ with the help of Bjarne Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language", into Windows (both 16- and 32-bit), then Java, .NET, and now pretty much anything that seems interesting, including languages (both programming and domain-specific), virtual machines (most notably the JVM and CLR, but also the various Smalltalk VMs like Strongtalk or Squeak, and Parrot), large-scale enterprise systems, and agile development practices. I have worked on projects that were intended for public-facing customer bases in the millions, and on projects that ran headlessly on server machines in the basement.

I currently consult to a variety of companies, including Microsoft, IBM and Sun, I teach .NET through Pluralsight and other topics independently, and I spend my time researching new technologies and applying them to customers' problems. I can be found at a variety of conferences, including the No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposia (, via my blog at, or as the interviewer for the "On Software" series of videocasts released by Pearson on iTunes. Or, do what we all do anyway, and just Google my name--you'll find me.