Speaker: Claus Ibsen
Length: 50 min.
Language: English

 We start with an introduction to what Apache Camel is, and how you can

use Camel to make integration much easier. Allowing you to focus on
your business logic, rather than low level messaging protocols, and

You will hear how Apache Camel is related Enterprise Integration
Patterns which you can use in your architectural designs and as well
in Java or XML code, running on the JVM with Camel.

You will also hear what other features Camel provides out of the box,
which can make integration much easier for you.

We also take a moment to look at web console tooling that allows you
to get insight into your running Apache Camel applications, which has
among others visual route diagrams with tracing/debugging and
profiling capabilities. In addition to the web tooling we will also
show you other tools in the making.

This talk is a mix between slides and live demo/coding.