Speaker: Jeppe Cramon
Length: 50 min
Language: English

Why would we want to use Microservices and what are the alternatives?

What is a microservices and how does a Microservice relate to a Service?

Microservices qualities and implications:

  • The distributed monolith anti pattern - aka. don’t use RPC between microservices
  • The shared database anti pattern
  • Microservice deployment and 50 shades of Autonomy

Why is Domain Driven Design (DDD) a key requisite for succeeding with Microservices?

What role does the UI play?

Reactive services - Stream based service integration using EventSourcing, CQRS and Event Driven Architecture (EDA).

Example of how INPAY build microservices using Java 8, Axon Framework, Hazelcast and Spring Boot.