Speaker: Jesper Wermuth
Length: 3 hours
Language: Danish

Docker is a virtualization tool, which makes it possible to move applications between different development environments eg. between two developers laptops, from development to testing and QA. Docker can improve the effectiveness of the way teams develop, test and deploy their applications.
This Docker workshop is a hands-on crash course, that might turn out to be addictive for the participants. The workshop gives the participants, the opportunity to get their hands dirty and to demystify Docker through a quick introduction.

During the introduction, the participants will learn how to use the central elements of Docker (Containers and Images). The workshop will allow the participants to start using Docker, as a solution and a way to overcome obstacles.

Every participant will be given a virtual host that the workshop will run on. It is expected that the participants will be able to log in to the virtual host with SSH and their given SSH key.