Speaker: Claus Ibsen
Length: 50 min.
Language: English

The so-called experts are saying microservices and containers will
change the way we build, maintain, operate, and integrate
applications. This talk is intended for Java developers who wants to
hear and see how you can develop Java microservices that are ready to
run in containers.

In this talk we will build a set of Java based Microservices that uses
a mix of technologies with:

  • Apache Camel with CDI
  • Spring Boot
  • Vert.x
  • WildFly Swarm

You will see how we can build small discrete microservices with these
Java technologies and build and deploy on the Kubernets/OpenShift3
container platform.

We will discuss practices how to build distributed and fault tolerant
using technologies such as Kubernetes Services, Camel EIPs, Netflixx
Hysterix, and Ribbon.

We will use Zipkin service tracing across all four Java based
microservices to provide a visualization of timings and help highlight
latency problems in our mesh of microservices.

And the self healing and fault tolerant aspects of the
Kubernetes/OpenShift3 platform is also discussed and demoed when we
let the chaos monkeys loose killing containers.

This talk is a 50/50 mix between slides and demo.