Speaker: Kees Jan Koster 
Length: 50 min.
Language: English

Java programmers allocate objects by the billions every day. We don’t even think of it. We have been told that object allocation is cheap and that we should not worry about it. And we don’t. But how cheap is object allocation? Garbage collection my be becoming public knowledge, but just how much do we really know about the other end of the spectrum? About object allocation in a modern JVM?
In this talk, Kees Jan takes the audience behind the scenes of object allocation in Java. He dives deep into the JVM object allocation logic. Using vivid diagrams and clear examples he guides the audience through all the steps and tricks that go into allocating a Java object. He takes an hour to do what the JVM can do in 10 nanoseconds.
The participants walk away with more respect for just how much work the JVM does to make object allocation dirt-cheap.