Speaker: Andrey Adamovich
Length: 50 min.
Language: English

Do you write Bash, BAT, Python, Ruby, Perl, Lua scripts for system administration and scripting purposes? Stop! You don't have too. Since JVM ecosystem has a perfect answer - Groovy. With the release of version 2.3, Groovy is a mature and stable language that can be employed to deploy small scripts or to build large, mission-critical applications.
This talk focuses on some less-known features of the language that are going to make the life of a Java/Groovy developer more fun than ever.
In particular, this presentation will cover system administrator scripting toolkit that developers can take full advantage of: I/O operations, mini-DSLs, comparison to other languages like Python and Bash.
Being part of various projects where several scripting languages were involved without good purpose, I can share experience on how to use Groovy and leverage Java knowledge to implement different support scripts using Groovy language features.