Java EE 7: What’s new in the Java EE platform

Taler: David Delabassee

Java EE 7 continues the simplification of the APIs for accessing container services while broadening the range of services available. This platform overview focuses on the following areas:

  • Extension of the platform to encompass emerging Web technologies such as WebSocket and JSON, which provide the underpinnings for HTML5 support in Java EE, as well as the HTTP client API added by JAX-RS

  • Simplified alignment of managed beans by the leveraging of CDI injection and interceptors to include new JTA declarative transactions, method-level validation, and constructor injection

  • Enhancements for ease of use, including simplified JMS APIs, the new batch API, expanded resource definition facilities, and the pruning of superseded technologies

The magnificent Java EE 7

Java EE 7 was released in june 2013 and brought a lot of new things and evolutions.
In this talk we’ll explore most of these new feature by developing a demo application which will make use of Websocket 1.0, CDI 1.1, Interceptor 1.2, JPA 2.1, JSONP 1.0 or JMS 2.0. We’ll use JBoss WildFly as Java EE server but all examples should also run on any Java EE 7 compliant server like Glassfish 4.0.

Building applications in the cloud

Taler: Jesper Wermuth

Få indblik i en 100% cloudbaseret og skalerbar arkitektur skrevet i Java. Hvad kan man i skyen - hvad koster det - hvad virker, og hvad virker ikke. Oplægget er pragmatisk og tager udgangspunkt i en real live applikation. Der vil bl.a blive fortalt om: Play, Elasticsearch, GIT, Amazon, Queing, Workers, Schedulers, Mailers, Monitoring, Loggers, GEB og meget mere.

Xtend In Action

Talere: Sven Efftinge & Sebastian Zarnekow

Xtend is a flexible and expressive dialect of Java. It compiles to idiomatic source code that can be compiled and run an any JVM since Java5. Without any gap, you can use all you favorite Java libraries. The compiled Java source code is readable and pretty printed, runs as fast as handwritten code and can be processed by existing tools like annotation processors or static code analyzers.

If you want to become more productive and write beautiful code with powerful macros, lambdas, and many more modern language features, Xtend is the right choice. In this code centric session, you'll see it in action with real world examples using JavaFX, Android and other exciting frameworks.