JDK IO is a conference that focus on the technical subjects and the ecosystem surrounding Java: The programming language, the platform, the frameworks, the virtual machine, enterprise service frameworks (JavaEE & Spring).

JDK IO is a conference where the hard technical competences are in focus with the weight on creating value with deep technical subjects which is where it differs from many other conferences were soft subjects play a much more important role.

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The Date & Location

JDK IO is scheduled to take place from Monday 11th June & Tuesday 12th Juni 2018 in Copenhagen which is the captial Denmark - the world's fourth oldest kingdom which still exist:

Summer is the best time to visit Copenhagen. The city is in bloom, full of life and long, warm evenings. Picnic in the parks or swim in the harbour baths -

Copenhagen aiport ( is located less than 20 minutes from the city center by either train or car. Copenhagen airport is the Scandiavian hub and it is easy to get a flight which match your schedule requirement:

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The Audience

The participant are typically a software developer (primarily member of the Danish Java User Group - Javagruppen - but not limited to) who uses the Java programming language or the Java Virtual Machine as the primary development platform.

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The Structure

JDK IO concist of two conference days with two tracks running in parallel.

Presentation length for conference days is 50 minutes.

Speakers are only expected to give one talk but if you have one interesting talks please let us know.

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The Economy

The Danish User Group -Javagruppen - a Oracle recognized Java User Group - is a legal non-profit organization with a general assembly elected board that organizes JDK IO.

JDK IO is expected to balance economically - i.e. not create a surplus for the organizer. In the event of a profit, the profit will be spent in accordance with the statutes of Javagruppen to the general benefit of the Java community.

JDK IO charges a low fee of participate compared to other similarly conference.

JKD IO does not pay its speakers but do cover the costs related to travel, lodging and food if required.

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The Presentations

The presentations will be recorded and made available free of charge.

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The Speakers

The speakers on JDK IO must primarily be international and have experience as speakers on other conferences.

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Speaker package

The speaker package consist of:

  • Travelling costs covered by JDK IO

  • Hotel provided by JDK IO

  • Speakers dinner provided by JDK IO
    (your spouse is welcome) 


To become a speaker please fill in the form:

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The Call For Speakers ends 1. April 2018.